Royce Hunt

Owner of Roycycled

Like many women, I am a creator. We create through the rearing and teaching of our children. We create through the beautification and management of our homes. We create when we cook for our families; our jobs; our fashion. The wonderful thing about crafts, furniture painting, and art is that we are given the opportunity to create for ourselves. For the sake of expression. To feed the hunger to create beauty in this world. It is this drive that has brought me to the place I am today. 

Growing up with a single mother, there weren’t resources for formal art training and/or supplies. But I always remember using the things that were available to express my heart’s desire to create. I remember once in third grade I took a few milk cartons and turned them into an old-fashioned rotary phone…LOL. The round frozen pizza cardboard coupled with a balloon and some paper mache made for a fine tea time hat. And trumpet flower with the base pulled almost off made a fine pair of dangly earrings. When I look back, I’ve spent my whole life creating. It is that love of expression that has driven me to explore crafting and furniture painting. 

When I began my journey as a creative businesswoman, it was with paper mache. I use to design, build and sell paper mache deer heads that I shipped all over the world through ETSY. Ultimately that business model was not sustainable, but I learned so much. Even our failures can be stepping stones to the greater things the Lord has planned for us. It was through this business that I began to experiment with decoupage. I couldn’t find what I wanted anywhere, so I figured out a way to create it myself. After a while, my friends began requesting designs that fit their esthetic, so I would create them. I recognized the opportunities of the product, so I began to offer it. The response I received was almost overwhelming. After selling for a couple of years, I began getting messages from businesses that wanted to carry my product. Through divine intervention and appointed relationship building, I figured out a way to make it happen. I took my first wholesale order in September of 2019, and the rest is history. Today I have over 250 retailers who carry Roycycled Decoupage Paper in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, and the UK. Honestly, it is still a little unreal for me. But every day I wake up grateful for all of it.

Lexi Grenzer

Roycycled Creative Director

Lexi is a self-trained mixed media artist located in Central Valley California, where she lives with her two sons, world’s best and most supportive husband and two grumpy old chihuahuas. She comes from a background in Nonprofit Animal Welfare, where she supervised Operations and later Development. Being a strong animal advocate is high on her list of great loves, and as such Lexi’s art focus is largely nature inspired – both animals and landscape. Lexi is best known for her work in watercolor, but she has spent 13 years filling her crafty tool box with skills, assorted mediums and supplies; just when she has you getting comfortable in one medium, she’ll throw another your way! It’s always fun to watch her wield her magic in the studio; her energy and excitement is truly infectious.

Lexi’s early work began in mixed media and jewelry design, many of which were published in assorted Stampington publications. She is a licensed designer for ESC & Company, IOD and Roycycled Treasures. Lexi teaches online almost exclusively, but she’s been known to teach at the occasional art retreat too. To learn more about her classes and work, check her out at

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Jill Stultz

Jill Stultz is the owner and artist of Jill’s Creations.  She grew up and still resides in a small town near the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Married to her best friend and mother of 2. She discovered her passion and form of therapy for turning furniture into art 3 years ago.  She loves color, texture and standing out. Decoupage is her favorite thing to use to transform pieces into one of kind treasures. 

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Jane Bellante

Jane is a mixed media artist and teacher located in Wisconsin with a mission to get you using your art supplies and creating art that feels like you.

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Ann Gilland

I am a mother of two and a grandmother of three. I have been creating for as long as I can remember. Art is my way of dealing with all of life’s crazy circles that never seem to end.

My passion is creating one-of-a-kind pieces of home décor and upcycling found treasures. I don’t have a particular aesthetic. If asked to describe my style, I’d have to say it’s very eclectic. My living room is vintage industrial with a little steampunk, but my bedrooms are more shabby chic. Eclectic for sure! I like to let what I’m feeling and the piece I’m working on speak to me. I found that if you listen with your heart, each piece will tell you what it wants to be.

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Heike Marro

I am a self-taught artist. 

I love the beauty of anything old. Be it objects from the past, dilapidated walls, buildings, old or even abandoned houses, old furniture – what emanates from them. On holidays you’ll find me strolling through the old parts of the place we stay, and my work in general is inspired by these things.

My goal is to make the world a more colorful place by giving new life to secondhand furniture with a little paint and a lot of love. I have always been fascinated by color and the possibilities of transforming something with it. Isn’t it just incredible how it can completely change the soul of a whole interior, room or piece of furniture and even our mood?

I’m a little (or maybe big) hoarder of art supplies, and I love using a big variety of techniques. A lot of different tools, layers of paint to achieve dimension and depth, papers, stamps, stencils and other artistic mediums. When I paint and create, I’m in my happy place. 

Originally German from Bavaria I’m married to a Swiss (my rock and biggest support) and living in the French part of Switzerland, in Sion with my family. Proud mom of 3 and granny to a beautiful little girl.

I spend a lot of time in Malta, a small Mediterranean island, which is very near and dear to my heart as I spent my teenage years there. Many years later, this special place is where all the painting and my creative adventure started and where I got hooked on what I do today

It’s a great inspiration and place for me.

In Switzerland it’s the mountains and pastures and in Malta it’s the Cacti, sea and sun.

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Sonnet Uhlenbrauck

Sonnet is the owner and creator behind Sonnet’s garden blooms; and lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Craig and their two children, Cole and Caitlan.  She is an avid thrifter, upcycler and DIY’er for Home Decor.  She started her YouTube channel to encourage others to upcycle, reuse and repurpose items by creating video tutorials showcasing a series of “Thrift to Treasures”.  She operates {3} Eclectic Booths where you can find her vintage & upcycled items along with her beautiful handcrafted barn quilts.  One of her favorite things to do is create beautiful vignettes showcasing all her reclaimed items.  She also hits the road several times per year setting up shop at several large shows.  She is a lover of all things vintage, shabby, rusty, & chippy.  In her free time, she also loves spending her weekends at their cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

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Rhonda Steinmetz

My desire is that a little of my passion for refinishing furniture IGNITES a creative spark in you as well. I was the one that took every art class in high school and then decided I couldn’t make a career out of it. Discovering refinishing brought much healing and joy in a dark time in my life. It allowed me to connect my two loves: art and serving others.

Native Oregonian, married 21 years to an amazingly supportive man and our 2 kids; son 16 and daughter 12. I love personal growth, everything; Audible books, podcasts, or a good sermon. I LOVE being an entrepreneur and LOVE dreaming big with others that also think big. I love a good walk alone around our hilly neighborhood or with a friend and a good cup of coffee. I love a good binge watch of some BBC love story and a glass of red wine or pint of ice cream snuggling with my kitty Nala.

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