About Me

Do you ever find yourself pulling over and saving a piece of furniture from the side of the road? Are you drawn to the prospect of giving old castaways new life? If so, then join me on this crazy journey.

Hi! My name is Royce-Hunt-Bell. I have spent years “picking” rusty, dusty treasures, and breathing new life into them. I use quality products that will renew my repurposed finds for years to come. A big part of repurposing old junk, is problem solving. I am led to share many of my secrets with you. Including products and methods that have proven to work best for me. So join me and beautify the world…. One piece at a time!

I have always been drawn to the idea of taking that which has been casted away, and considered junk by others and giving it new purpose. I suppose that’s why I have spent the majority of my adult career working in social services, and the non-profit sector. I began my career working with young mothers and coaching them to see their own value and potential, and now I work as an advocate for seniors who often forgotten about and cast to the wayside. But the truth is they have tremendous value, and so much more to give to their communities.

My heart extends to my creative endeavors. I love to pick for hidden treasures. I clean them up; breath new life into them with elbow grease, imagination, paint and decoupage; and then give them new purpose. There is nothing more satisfying than receiving customer’s photos of my pieces in their new homes. If I had to coin my style it would be a mix of industrial, steampunkish, apothecary style.