Reverse Decoupage on Glass – Decoupage Art Idea
Create custom wall art using Dollar Glass Frames, Roycycled Decoupage Paper, and IOD Transfers.

Reverse Decoupage on Glass – Decoupage Art Idea

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Reverse Decoupage on Glass - Create Custom Wall Art Making custom artwork that reflects who you are can be empowering. Living in surroundings that speaks to the heart of who…

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Underpainting Your Decoupage

  • Post category:Decoupage Subscribe To My YouTube Channel SuppliesRoycycled Ephemera Collage Decoupage PaperWise Owl Chalk Synthesis paintWise Owl Matte VarnishWise Owl Glaze  Glaze to Create DimensionWith the first board, we're going to…

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Quick and Easy Decoupage Project

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I just love the transformative power of decoupage. You can take the plain surface of any project, and make it something special. I'm working on creating a few small gifts…

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Iron On Decoupage Method

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Iron On Decoupage Iron On decoupage is an alternative to the traditional decoupage method. Many people prefer it because you are less likely to get wrinkles in your finish.   Products…

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My love of decoupage began with my love of ephemera — I was desperate to find a way to include beautiful script, typography and images of days gone by to…

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